Write Your Book in a Flash

Write Your Book in a Flash, by Dan Janal, is a step-by-step guide to writing a business-related book non-fiction book that includes multiple downloadable worksheets, and the link to a resource for business- and career-related quotes. Full disclosure, I was asked by his publisher, TCK Publishing, to review the book.

Write Your Book in a Flash is full of great tips such as being able to tell anyone what your book is about in a matter of seconds; and great advice, such as “…it is not your client’s responsibility to remember you are still in business….”

If you are considering writing a business book or a how-to book, Write Your Book in a Flash is your go-to resource.

What Makes this Reviewer Grumpy?

The usual mistakes, but very, very few of them:

  • split-infinitives;
  • using “further” in place of “farther”;
  • mixing singular and plural;
  • missing commas.

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