Amber Waves of Grace

I read  at the request of the author, Jessica Berg, in exchange for an honest review. I expected a typical romance novel with some inspiration thrown into the mix. Was I in for a surprise! This book has romance and inspiration, and so much more. I was especially impressed with the way Ms. Berg addressed current social issues.

Main character, Corrie Lancaster, is a reporter in Sioux Falls, SD, but moves back home to run the family farm after her dad suffers a debilitating accident. Can she handle it? You bet she can, even when her hired hand abruptly quits, then demands she sell the farm to him. He thinks she can’t run a farm on her own.

Then there is Luke, her high school boyfriend who betrayed and abandoned her at the worst possible time. He is now the local minister, and he wants back into her life, but Corrie is attracted to his older brother, Aaron.

Corrie’s family takes in Violet, a frightened young woman with car trouble. Turns out she is pregnant and running from an abusive partner. She becomes like family to the Lancasters.

The story is beautifully heartwarming with true-to-life characters. They are flawed human beings like all of us. They make mistakes, and learn from them. The way issues are handled is to be applauded. I highly recommend this book. If you enjoy intelligent, heartwarming stories, you will love Amber Waves of Grace.

What made The Grumpy Book Reviewer grumpy?

Not much:

  • incorrect preposition usage: in vs. into;
  • incorrect verb usage: was vs. were.

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