Any Dream Will Do

The latest stand alone novel from Debbie Macomber, Any Dream Will Do, is Christian fiction at its best. Protagonist, Shay Benson, is a sympathetic character who would do just about anything to protect her younger brother, Caden. Shay is forced to start over in life after making a poor choice to protect Caden from drug dealers who want him dead. That choice earns her three years in prison. Antagonist, Drew Douglas, a local pastor, is still struggling to raise his two children and put his life back together four years after the death of his beloved wife.

When the bus drops Shay off in front of Drew’s church on the day she left prison, she ventures inside to escape the cold. As Drew helps Shay re-enter life on the outside, his sense of purpose is reignited. Gradually, their friendship grows, but the two are faced with obstacles such as disapproving church elders, the appearance of an abusive former boyfriend, Shay’s difficulties with trust and self-esteem, and even her brother, Caden.

This complex novel deals with current social issues:  the bullying of Drew’s son, homelessness, drug dealers, grief, Christians who don’t always behave in a Christ-like manner toward others, and briefly with the role of a male pastor’s wife.

The story unfolds smoothly, not in flashbacks, as many do, making it a quick, easy read. It’s a romance, a mystery, and oh, so much more. I was disappointed when it ended.

What Makes This Book Reviewer Grumpy?

No much. Only the usual things like split-infinitives and improper word usage:  the word “loan” was used repeatedly when “lend” is what should have been used. Yes, I’m very picky.

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