Feels Like Falling

I was invited by the publisher, Simon & Schuster’s Gallery Books, and NetGalley to read the ARC of Kristin Woodson Harvey’s book, Feels Like Falling in exchange for and write an honest review.  It is light, easy, fun reading, with characters that will steal your heart. It deals with issues such as single-parenting, job loss, divorce, near homelessness, and of course, romance.

Two women who couldn’t be more different, yet are somehow the same show us how to put our lives back together after loss. Gray Howard (yep, Gray’s a girl) is an influencer’s influencer, has just lost her mother to cancer, and her husband to his assistant, and her sister to a controlling evangelical husband. Diana Harrington has just lost her job, still loves the man who left her many years ago, and finds herself homeless when she leaves her trashy boyfriend.

These are two strong women whose life experiences are vastly different. Gray had a comfortable life until things fell apart. Diana had a rough life. Both came out on top, and it was wonderful to see.

I loved it that the story is full of little tidbits of wonderful and very useful advice. For example: “The only person who gets to pick how you feel is you,” and “Nobody’s going to fix your life but you.” If you need of a book of light, easy reading, with a heartwarming storyline, Feels Like Falling is the book for you.

What made The Grumpy Book Reviewer grumpy?

Not that much, really:

  • confusing further with farther;
  • a few missing commas;
  • incorrect verb usage: bringing vs. taking, was vs. were, come vs. go
  • a few split infinitives


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