Gun Kiss

I read and reviewed this book at the request of the author. Gun Kiss, by Khaled Talib, is packed with non-stop action that grabs the reader and takes him/her across three countries, amid twist-and-turn subplots. Talib wove into this story the issues of sexual harassment, gender inequality, racism, and the extremism of the alt-right. For this reader, that makes the novel more current and impressive.
Gun Kiss begins with a definite action/adventure slant, but quickly turns into a romantic suspense novel. The opening lines of the promo for the book refer to the gun that was used to shoot Abraham Lincoln being stolen, and ending up in Russia. Imagine my surprise when I researched the author and found him and Gun Kiss promoted on a romance website. That said, the book was enjoyable, just not what was expected. It was actually a sub-genre of romance novels called romantic suspense with a compelling, adventurous tale that I found difficult to put down.
Former Delta Force, Blake Deco, owns a small restaurant, from which he and his friend, Jack, run a small side business in finding lost and or stolen things. The FBI forcibly enlists him to find the gun. Meanwhile, movie star, Goldie St. Helen is kidnapped. After receiving a tip from a friend in Mexico, Blake and Jack are determined to find her. 
What Makes This Book Reviewer Grumpy, (or Some Things that Need to Be Addressed):
While split infinitives and mis-use of conjunctions are a common problem for all of us, there are other things that tell me English is a 2nd language for Talib. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but a good editor should have caught these things.
  • verb tense disagreement within a sentence;
  • the use of a noun as if it were a verb: “…didn’t commensurate…”;
  • split infinitives: “…to endlessly rewrite…”;
  • beginning sentences with the conjunctions “but” and “and”.

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