Head Over Heels

I was offered a free copy of Head Over Heels, by Hannah Orenstein, in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed this delightfully funny romantic comedy, and learned a lot, both good and bad, about gymnastics.

The pressures on young girls (and boys) is inhumane, not to mention the sexual abuse many of them endure. This book examines the poor treatment of young  girls, as well as the unhealthy dieting, and the way they don’t get to have a normal childhood as they practice for hours each day.

Avery Abrams and her friend Jasmine have been friends and gymnasts since childhood. After a tragic accident ended Avery’s career, Jasmine went on to be an Olympic champion. After being dumped by her pro football boyfriend, she goes back to her hometown, where she runs into Ryan, another former gymnast, and sparks begin to fly.

When the scandal that rocked the entire gymnastics world breaks, both Avery and Jasmine worked to help younger gymnasts. Will Avery and Ryan find love? Will their new careers in the world of  gymnastics succeed?

Head Over Heels, is a quick, easy read. While funny, sad, romantic with sexual tension, it has an important and serious message. You will enjoy this one.

What made The Grumpy Book Reviewer grumpy?

  • Multiple typos;
  • incorrect verb usage;
  • missing words;
  • God’s name not capitalized;
  • confusing “further” with “farther”;
  • multiple split infinitives.

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