Hello, Sunshine

I was asked to review the publisher’s proof copy of this book. I loved it. Sunshine “Sunny” Mackenzie is a star among lifestyle bloggers and YouTube foodies and chefs. She has several bestselling cookbooks and another one in the works, plus The Food Network has offered her her own program. What could go wrong? Well, everything, actually.
Hello, Sunshine, by bestselling author, Laura Dave, is due out in July, 2017, and is and is a fast-paced and captivating account of a young woman rebuilding her life after losing it all — career, husband, home, and her good name. I couldn’t put it down.
In today’s social media world of curating our lives, the truth is often stretched, if not ignored. Sunny not only ignored the truth, she created a completely false persona. Then she was hacked in a vicious effort to destroy her and everything she has worked for.
To “watch” the somewhat surprising direction Sunny takes as she rises from the proverbial ashes and rebuilds her life, is impressive. Many would be unable to resist what she refuses. This is a book devotees of this genre will be unable to put down until they have reached the last page. Readers will love it.

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