Merry and Bright

I have read only three of Debbie Macomber‘s Christmas romance novels, but her latest, Merry and Bright, due out October 3, 2017, is by far the best of the three. It shows that, while things could go horribly wrong, with internet dating, sometimes they go wonderfully right.
Merry Noel Knight has taken a year off from college to earn money for her senior year working as a temporary data entry clerk at Matterson Consulting, Her boss, Jayson Bright, is feeling pressure to prove himself to his uncle, the owner of the firm.
Merry is under pressure to complete the data for a huge report, and has no time for dating. Without her knowledge, her mother and her younger brother who has Down’s Syndrome set up an account for her on the online site, “Mix & Mingle”. In place of her photo, they post a photo of the family dog. Meanwhile, Jayson’s cousin and best friend reveals that he is engaged to a childhood friend who he found on Mix & Mingle. After refusing to try it, Jayson (Jay) decides to set up an account for himself.
At work, Jay is stressed out and insists on everything being done by-the-book. He becomes a thorn in Merry’s side. Outside of work, Jay is a nice guy, and it is this Jay who Merry meets online.
The book compares Jay’s childhood of boarding school, and being used by his mother to manipulate his father, to Merry’s family life of holidays together and sharing daily meals. It also shows the capabilities and loving personalities of those with Down’s Syndrome. This book has a predictable ending, but is a wonderfully heart-warming, feel-good Christmas season story.
What Made This Book Reviewer Grumpy:
  • Using “bring” and “brought” when the words “take” and “took” should have been used.
  • Using “I’ve got” and “you’ve got” when it should have been “I have” and “you have”.
  • Frequent use of split infinitives, such as “to forcibly turn”, “to personally thank”, etc.

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