Smitten By the Brit

I was asked by St. Martin’s Press to read and review Smitten By the Brit, authored by two-time RWA Golden Heart® finalist, Melonie Johnson. It’s the second in her “Sometimes in Love” series. It’s as good as, or better than the first one.

I appreciate that Johnson works into her story such things as the news media’s focus on how women dress rather than how well they play sports or how well they do their jobs. This is also very common in reporting on political figures. Ms. Johnson also has characters in this book comment on how Wordsworth worked to preserve the beauty of the land for future generations. We should take a cue from her.

In Smitten By the Brit, Bonnie Blythe is an English professor who frequently quotes Jane Austen and the Bard, among others. She has been in love with Gabe since 3rdgrade, and engaged to for quite a while. She is already unhappy about the prolonged engagement, and Gabe’s refusal to set a wedding date until he finishes his writing dissertation. Now her best friend, Cassie, is planning her own wedding to the gorgeous Scot, Logan, who she met just months ago in the first book of this series. Bonnie is trying not to be jealous, but it is difficult. Then she finds Gabe in a very compromising position with another woman.

After a chance meeting with Theo, Logan’s English friend, Bonnie remembers her visceral attraction to him when they first met almost a year ago. After the devastating break-up with Gabe, she accepts an offer to teach as visiting faculty at Cambridge in the coming summer semester. Not emotionally ready for another relationship, she is still elated to find Cambridge is only an hour away from Theo’s home. The chemistry between the two cannot go unnoticed.

Theo and Logan have withheld the truth about Theo’s identity. Theo’s interfering mother has a suitable woman picked out for him to marry. Will he follow his heart, or marry the “suitable lady”? Will Bonnie follow her heart, and recognize that she should have been with Theo instead of Gabe all along?

What Makes This Reviewer Grumpy?

Keep in mind that the copy I read was a pre-publication copy. I hope most of these errors were corrected by the editor:

  • Verb disagreement: “coming” vs. “going”, “bring” vs. “take”, “rode” vs. “ridden”;
  • Beginning sentences with conjunctions;
  • Misspelled or misused words: “stationary” vs. “stationery”, “chimney flu vs. chimney flue”;
  • Lack of capitalization of brand name products;
  • Singular vs. plural disagreement:  “Everyone lifted their glass”. (More than one person equals more than one glass.);
  • Lots of split infinitives;
  • Confusing “further” with “farther”. (They don’t mean the same thing.)

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  1. Sounds like an interesting read for a lazy summer day. Thanks for the heads up on grammatical errors. They sometimes drive me to distraction and beyond.

    • admin says:

      The version I read was a pre-pub copy, so I hope the editor caught those mistakes. Thanks for stopping by my site.

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