Sunset Beach

I read Sunset Beach, by Mary Kay Andrews, at the request of her publisher, St. Martin’s Press. I have read many of Andrews’ books, and loved them all. This one was really good, but others of her work are my favorites.

Drue Campbell’s mom just died, and she is moving home to Sunset Beach, on the gulf coast of Florida, after being fired, and learning her mother had left Drue’s grandparents’ beach house to her. The problem is, her new job is in her dad’s law practice, and the office manager, who is Dad’s new wife, is Wendy, Drue’s high school classmate and former best friend.

A grandmother whose daughter was murdered, is told by those at the law practice they have done all they can do. Even though she is raising her granddaughter after the murder, she is turned away. Drue decides to investigate, and risks her own life in doing so.

I especially appreciate Andrews’ subtle reference to climate change when Drue mentioned the water of the Gulf being warmer than she remembered. This is a good mystery with twists and turns. I was pretty sure I had figured out who tried to kill Drue, but wasn’t sure until near the end. If you love a good mystery with a little romance thrown in, you will definitely enjoy Sunset Beach.

What Makes This Reviewer Grumpy?

Mostly, the usual things:

  • split infinitives;
  • misplacement of “only” within sentences;
  • missing commas;
  • chaise lounge should be chaise longue.

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