The Dog Got it All

I just finished reading the published version of the romantic comedy, The Dog Got it All, by Bob McCullough. It was a sweet, poignant, funny, and truly adorable story told in the voice of Mr. Phipps, the lab-mix main character. I normally include a link to the author’s website, but there are several Bob and Robert McCulloughs, and this one has no photo of himself on Amazon or Goodreads, so I determine which is the correct one.

Mr. Phipps’ owner, the fabulously wealthy Angie, has died from cancer. Her four selfish and emotionally damaged grown children are outraged when the will is read. They aren’t completely left out, but most of the estate is left to Mr. Phipps, with multiple stipulations.

Whoever gets the dog will be determined by three professionals in dog and human behavior. Mr. Phipps knows with whom he wants to live, and he is shameless at trying to engineer his desired result. Will any of them pass the tests?

If you’ve been reading a lot of heavy stuff lately, and need a refreshing break, The Dog Got it All is the book you need. It examines dysfunctional families, but is fun and entertaining while doing so. I loved it.

The writing certainly has room for improvement. I assigned the story four stars. If I could also assign stars for the editing, I would assign only two or three stars there. This delightful story deserved a far better editor and proofreader..

What made The Grumpy Book Reviewer grumpy

      • Multiple typos;
      • A lot of missing commas;
      • a lot of missing words;
      • a few misspelled words;
      • not capitalizing the word “God”;
      • using “further” in place of “farther” (they are not interchangeable);
      • using “ado” in place of “adieu” (they do not mean the same thing).

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