Vicious Rumer

Abusive foster homes, mean girls at school, the effort to live down a parent’s criminality, some belief in the supernatural, multiple attempts on her life – Rumer Cross experiences it all, and more. In Vicious Rumer, by Joshua Winning, this nineteen-year-old girl believes she is cursed, and that she wasn’t wanted to survive infancy. 

Rumer spends her young life trying to live down her assassin mother’s reputation, while the son of a man her mother, Celine, murdered is on the hunt for Rumer. Celine has been dead for years (or has she?) but people still want Rumer, believing she has a powerful artifact.


Because everyone who gets close to Rumer dies or is killed, she believes she kills people. Many times, she says some version of  “I kill people, but I don’t mean to.” This only reinforces her belief in the curse.


Vicious Rumeris a dark novel aimed at the young adult population. She is a true badass, so they will likely love her. With non-stop action, and constant threats on her life, I have to respect her, too. The book is also a sad commentary on the lives of abandoned children, and the fearful, loveless lives they often live; and on bullying, about which we adults have not done enough.


What Makes This Book Reviewer Grumpy?


As often happens these days, spell correction has probably changed some words that should have not been changed, such as “scrabble” when the context calls for “scramble”. Then there are the usual things:

Using “further” (denotes more) in place of “farther” (denotes distance);

misplacement of the word “only” within sentences;

missing commas;

split infinitives.